Sunday, February 23, 2014

15 February 2014- Tribal Fusion Beginnings, Discover your Basics workshop by Jasmin Victoria of Junonia Dance Company

Wow, what a busy last two weeks it has been! It was filled not only with plenty of work assignments but also with a plethora of organisational dance duties. I was organising and co-hosting a dance event called Celebrating the Body in Dance (Part II) on 21 February and preparing my material for my folkloric fusion introductory workshop at Temple Lane Rehearsal Studios. The workshop took place yesterday and was an introductory session in a series of folkloric fusion workshops inspired by my study of the Jamila Salimpour format.

I was also gearing up to teaching a Tribal Fusion Beginnings workshop under the title "Discover your Basics" on 15 February 2014.  The workshop was specifically created as part of Yelp's Festival of Firsts and took place in the gorgeous Studio 2 of the Dublin Holistic Centre where I normally teach my regular classes.

I thought it was such a great initiative to introduce modern style and Tribal Fusion belly dance to anyone that may be interested in finding out what it's all about. The offer was valid for any Yelp members that signed up for it in advance and the Yelp members that did attend the class were great sports, really inquisitive, eager to learn new concepts and up for the challenge. I love teaching such a pro-active, curious and eager crowd and it was amazing to see all of the baby belly dancers work their isolations. It was lovely to answer your questions, and participants approached me after class with enquiries and input.

Thanks so much for showing up and making the workshop so memorable. If you are interested in finding out about the experience and impressions of some of the Yelper bellies you can read their reviews on the yelp page. It means the world to me to receive such wonderful, constructive and positive feedback, and I am thrilled to hear that the workshop was as enjoyable to them as it was to me! Thanks to Yelp, the yelp members, and the Dublin Holistic Centre for making this event happen, what an amazing initiative! Definitely cannot wait for more events of this kind. For more information on classes, workshops and dance events please visit my website at and get in touch to jump on the shimmy train with me at

Dance OM J.V.S

Junonia Fairy Pre-Christmas Party- Chancery Lane Theatre 8 December 2013

When I first heard of the Chancery Lane Theatre I was thrilled, and really excited at the prospect of organising dance events like our regular haflas in such a lovely, cosy and inviting place. The Chancery Lane is a fairly recent establishment by Gavin Logue and you can find more info at It has the capacity to accommodate around 50 theatre visitors. It also has a gorgeous, welcoming cafĂ© in the front area where guests can hang out for coffee, drinks, snacks and chats before shows. The theatre was a great discovery and is conveniently located in the centre of Dublin, really close to Patrick's Cathedral on one end, and to George's Street on the other.

Revisiting all the accomplishments, and the many events and rehearsals of the group throughout 2013, I thought The Chancery Lane could be the perfect place for all the dancers from my classes to get together and celebrate their achievements over the year. We decided to have a Fairy Pre-Christmas gathering in the Chancery Lane on 8 December to end the term/ dance year. It was a perfect occasion to hang out, have a mini souk, some projections and beautiful performances of whoever wanted to dance and who volunteered to contribute their creations.

Junonia Ensemble performed two group pieces, and my gorgeous students Ciara and Dee also staged their first solos, which were absolutely stunning. Everyone did such an amazing job at performing for each other and it was a truly tribal occasion. The souk and swomp shop was a huge success too, and my peacock scarf that I had abandoned for so long finally found a new, adoring owner . I see her wearing it at gigs all the time and she looks gorgeous with it on.

Thanks to Gavin for being so accommodating and for the yummy tea and cakes served.
Here a video link for one of the performances by Junonia Ensemble to Omar Faruk:

We are hoping to have many more class parties and haflas in this gorgeous little venue. All the dancers loved the cosy atmosphere of the place so much, it was truly magical. Indeed, word of mouth has already spread about the Chancery Lane and other Dublin based dancers will host events there in the months to come.

Thanks to Nadia Gativa for taking a few shots on the night, of which I will include a few here!
Stay tuned at for info ref. workshops/classes/haflas etc and

Dance OM! J.V.S