Sunday, July 31, 2011

Layercake Belly Bliss Class 30 July

This Saturday 30 July, I taught a modern belly dance layering class in the Dublin Holistic Centre.

I generally really enjoy teaching dance and passing my knowledge of modern belly dance on to my students. This goes for my regular weekly classes, and also for workshops which give me the opportunity to dedicate even more time to a specific theme. I am so happy I was joined by a select dedicated students of mine for this layering class. Thanks so much for coming! Your enthusiasm and support keeps me going.

However, at times, and at the moment in particular, I am finding Dublin a tough place to be when it come to passion and dedication to dance. I am imagining dance hubs like San Francisco (Tribal Fusion), New York and London and automatically, I visualize crowds of dedicated students and a level of commitment which is not generally that common in Dublin. I am hoping that with time, I and my friends in (Modern Belly) dance will be able to promote the dance form, and knowledge as well as passion of modern belly dance in the city. Because dedication and regular attendance in students makes it so much easier to teach and keeps any teacher extremely motivated to keep sharing!

Here is to more classes, workshops and more Dublin belly dancers in the future.
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