Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Don't stop the dance in Space 54 on 28 August 2011

As one of the dance facilitators of “Don’t stop the dance”, I will be teaching an introductory session to the mesmerizing art of tribal fusion and modern belly dance.
The workshop will familiarise you with some of the basics of modern belly dance. You will learn the pivotal importance of a thorough and safe warm-up before embarking on a dance routine. The session will also allow you to work on some technique and drills, such as hip work (singles/ ¾), vertical hip figure 8s and many more. Muscular isolation drills will make you more aware of the core muscle groups used in modern belly dance. We will then embark on learning a few combos as cornerstones for a refreshing and vibrant modern belly dance choreography to Heartbeats by The Knife. We will repeat those combos amply to give you a chance to internalize the moves, and take some away with you for inspiration.  Finally we will do a gentle cool down to lock the new found knowledge in our bodies.
This session will be greatly beneficial to anyone curious about the art of modern and tribal fusion belly dance. I will not only seek to give you a brief summary on the history of the dance form, but you will also learn some of the basic belly dance core moves. The workshops will allow you to put learned technique into perspective by way of a choreography and promises to be a great workout to boost your energy and enthusiasm.
For more information on my approach to teaching, please check out www.jasbellyfusion.com and follow my belly twitters on http://twitter.com/#!/Jasmiini3.
Also, check out http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=131373740286269 for info on Don't stop the dance workshops!
Looking forward to seeing you on 28 August!


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