Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Goulash Disko Movember Edition

If you regularly indulge in dancing your butt off with friends, if you are passionate about music and enjoy Balkan beats in particular, then Goulash Disko will guarantee to make you burn the dance floor with your fellow dancemaniacs. Goulash Disko started out as a monthly music event held in The Twisted Pepper, a very sought after Dublin City Centre venue which is handily located on Middle Abbey Street just off O'Connell Street. Not only is the venue a great choice, as you can conveniently commute to it by bus, LUAS or simply walk there, but the concept of Goulash Disko is rather unique and has taken Dublin nightlife by storm.

Goulash Disko has become legendary for bringing to Dublin the characteristic beats of the Balkans, something which was unheard of in the capital before. The initiative has proven to be a great success and has since February 2011 become a staple in Dublin fair city's Friday night entertainment, allowing dance and music enthusiasts to let their hair down after a (too) long week in work/ college and to meet the like-minded.

Junonia Bellydancemble regularly participate at this great event and our performances on 27 May, 8 July and 4 MOvember have provided us with amazing experiences that will stick with us for a long time yet. Goulash Disko(s) to date are associated with lovely memories, doing what we love "dancing" the most, whilst being surrounded by very talented musicians, fellow dancers (Fafa) and generally, lovely, happy, dancing people.

For instance, I vividly remember the beats that engulfed The Twisted Pepper, being skillfully delivered by the really likeable, equally talented Gypsy Hill musicians at the May Goulash Disko. Gypsy Hill is a collaboration betwen DJ Kobayashi and Herbert Newbert and the live band like to present authentic Balkan, Gypsy, Swing, Mediterranean sounds sprinkled with electronic beats. They even asked us to spontaneously dance to their live beats, which was tremendous fun ! It was a great  privilege to share the stage with such talented musicians. This time around, on the 4th of MOvember, Saint John the Gambler, a well known Dublin alternative folk act rocked the walls of The Twisted Pepper and you should not miss the opportunity to see this performer live if you have a chance. Very enjoyable and hugely talented indeed!

The MOvember edition of Goulash Disko on 4 MOvember saw the dancers of Junonina Bellydancemble sprout lovely, curly MO's (evidence below) and dance two fabulously fun numbers in order to help support the Movember cause. I greatly respect Goulash Disko for wanting to promote this honourable cause. It is extremely important to further raise awareness around men's health issues in the Republic and across Europe (and the world). With prostate cancer representing the number one male cancer, it is vitally important to increase knowledge about the MOvember cause, and help raise funds which can in turn help research, education and suvivorship in men in specific and the population at large. If you need any more information on the initiative, consult http://ie.movember.com/about. Even if this year it may be too late to register your willingness to sprout your MO, definitely join and do it next year!

The MOvember edition of Goulash Disko was great fun, and again the fabulous Yabe Chan entertained the crowd with fab beats all night. Oh, and don't forget to check out Na G Shrem who entertained previously at Goulash Diskos in July for example, and also plays great beats and much craic.

We cannot wait for the next Goulash Disko to hit Dublin town soon, sooner, soonest! Do not miss it, great entertainment to be guaranteed at that. Goulash Disko are hosting the Serbian act Shazalakazoo in December at another memorable event to enter Dublin's nightlife calendar!

Stay tuned in on Junonia's performances at http://www.jasbellyfusion.com/ and check out Goulash Disko on facebook.

Jiggly shimmies, and happy smileys

Junonina Bellydancemble/ JVS
Photo courtesy by Carol Hevia (below), remaining images by Magda Kozlowska
Junonia Bellydancemble Trip performed to Gjallarhorn- Kokkovirsi

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