Monday, January 23, 2012

7 January 2012- Successful kick-off 2012, introductory modern belly dance workshop!

Last Saturday, 7 January 2012, I taught my first workshop of 2012. What an inspiring, great way to kick start the new year, and to set the positive tone for even greater things-dance to follow. The 3-hour long session was designed as an initiative to spread knowledge of and interest in modern style belly dance across Dublin and by proxy, to reinforce the European wide Tribal Fusion/Modern Belly dance movement.
The attendance was overwhelming, and  impressive, especially considering it being only the first week into the new year. I had previously had concerns about organising the workshop so early in the year but then decided to go for it as an impulsive means to engender increased class participation.
Last year especially during the summer months, student numbers fluctuated greatly so I am hoping we will get a lot more steady committment going this year.

Concerns about the workshop happening too early in the year were however unwarranted, and the various new year's resolutions actually inspired everyone to get active right away.
The room was packed, and although it was almost impossible to fit everyone in, we managed, although by the end of the session the room felt more like a Bikram yoga studio (despite the opened windows) than a dance studio. I had even had four last-minute cancellations and was worrying that attendance may be low to new year's hangovers and the like. But had those for students turned up with their friends I am not sure how I could have fit them really.

Now I do not want to delude myself. I know that New Year's resolutions wear really thin after a few weeks, for most individuals anyway. However, I am still crossing my fingers and toes that at least 2/3 of that class come back and attend my weekly beginner classes in modern style bellydance.
I am starting a beginner course which will last 8 weeks this Saturday 14 January 2012 and am so hopeful that it will kick start well. And that many students will be inspired to learn the art, that is modern style bellydance and eventually join our Junonia Bellydancemble.

A big thanks to the Dublin Holistic Centre for giving me the opportunity to host this 2 for 1 Introductory Modern Bellydance workshop! I am looking forward to organising and preparing a lot more initiatives like that in the future!

JVS/ Junonia Bellydancemble

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